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Customer Experiences

Below are some customer experiences from users of our products. Would you like to share your experience? We would love to hear from you via the information on the contact page. Of course you can also write a review at the desired product.

"Hi, I recently requested a sample of your Sooth-it Balm. My daughter had redness around her nose for months. After rubbing it in a few times with the Sooth-it Balm, it was much less. Great, will buy it immediately. Thank you very much. "

Anonymous (person known to Grahams)

As a district nurse I am involved with a client who has severe psoriasis on her legs. The dermatologist prescribed increasingly heavy hormone creams, until she had the heaviest. However, we saw the spots on her leg only get bigger. At my suggestion, Mrs. started using Grahams Psoriasis cream because she had nothing to lose. In three months, the skin recovered almost completely. For me this is proof that this product works great and I will definitely recommend it to more clients.

Yvonne (The Netherlands)

"After years of trying all kinds of things, I finally ended up with Grahams via via. I was skeptical since everything I had tried before that didn't work out. But I was amazed: it really helps me with my eczema! In addition, I now use the Bath Oil, so it goes even better. I would like to share my positive experience with anyone who also suffers from eczema and can't find anything against it."

Anonymous (person known to Grahams)

"Thank you very much for the samples we received, most of them were found to be super good by us. Meanwhile bought a large pack of Grahams Oil, especially as pure on the skin this is a great product. The Body Wash is also very pleasant to use as a make-up remover. The Calendulis Cream is for red, rough and irritated skin in combination with the Oil a real benefactor. This we just wanted to let you know. Once again our thanks and best regards, "

Anonymous (person known to Grahams)

"I received my samples today. Initially I had requested them for my daughters but I myself often suffer from cracks/cracks at the base of my earlobe. This morning I applied the Eczema Cream and it is already as good as gone! It sounds incredible but it really is true. I hope it will help my little daughter as well, I'm going to buy a tube!"

Inge, living in Brabant (The Netherlands)

"The best compliment for your products came from my son himself this morning. His dry skin had to be rubbed in, for which I took our usual maintenance ointment. He didn't want it, it had to be from the little jar, because that was much better! (He meant the sample bottle of Sooth-it Balm, which had just run out). I just got the tube in the store, so another little customer! I didn't want to keep this from you! With kind regards, "

Marjon Smit

"My scalp felt dry and tight for years, a really annoying feeling. A friend told me about Grahams, she had already heard good stories and recently her bathroom turned Grahams yellow. After trying many shampoos I didn't have much hope left, but after the samples I received from you (thanks for that!) I wanted to give it a try. I have been using your Shampoo and Conditioner for a week now and what a relief! I can't put into words how happy I am, really great."

Anonymous (person known to Grahams)

"I haven't had any problems with eczema for a long time, until about three weeks ago my elbow was completely covered. After 1 week of applying the Eczema Cream 2x a day, my skin is already much calmer. Super!!! I will recommend it to anyone with eczema. By the way, there was a nice piece in the Telegraaf about your company. Good luck and best regards."

Anonymous (person known to Grahams)

"I just wanted to let you know that the dry, red spots on my face are going in the right direction, so I'm hopeful!!! Have now bought the oil, cream and shampoo so keep on smearing quietly. Also, I have heard all the positive stories from another friend about her grandchildren! Thanks for the effort and the sample pack! Kind regards, "

Marit Poelstra

"How nice that you email again! My son is doing well, it's bouts at the moment, but it's easy to maintain with the Eczema Cream. He also likes the Sooth-it Balm against dry skin, he says. Nice and soft... He's in the pool 2x a week for lessons, and I told the dermatologist recently that I think it's a real miracle! To be honest, we were skeptical of it, thinking it was "another cream, from a company that would make a killing off of the 'eczema patients'", but no, nothing like that. I want to thank you for thinking along and I am really so happy!"

Kirsten van der Caaij

"The Eczema Cream is an honest product that works beneficially against the eczema on my hands. And for the dryness I always have the tube Sooth-it Balm within reach, how nice it is! At every tap I put a bar of soap, my hands don't dry out anymore from washing them. Glad to have been introduced to Grahams!"

Saskia, living in Emmen (The Netherlands)

"I used Grahams Sooth-it Balm for my cracked and rough hands on the recommendation of our local drugstore. I now use it on all parts of my body that are dry, what a super product! Years of using all sorts of remedies that didn't lead to a lasting result and now after 2 weeks of using it my hands are soft again and don't split open at the slightest change of weather. I also use it for my 5 year old daughter and she also benefits from it. With us, only Grahams products come into the house. Thank you!"

Yvy, living in Wormer (The Netherlands)

"After almost 3 months I can now say with certainty: the Eczema Cream works effectively with my daughter! I recently found out through bio resonance that my daughter, in addition to cow's milk which we already knew, also has an allergy to wheat. We have therefore recently started to give her wheat on a much smaller scale. I still apply twice a day and I notice that it can do its job well now. Probably the wheat intake hindered the effect of the cream in the beginning and that is why her skin stayed red. But now I can see that it does help! Her skin looks almost the same as when she was born. Blessed!!!!! Thank you for encouraging me to keep applying it! Good luck with the products! I'm going to get another tube in any case!"

Greetings from a relieved mother and a little girl with soft skin

"The products I ordered are excellent. I now have softer skin and nicer hair!"

 Best regards from Mini Bron

"Since about three years I have suffered from very bad rashes on my hands and feet. For this I have visited many doctors. I have tried many ways to reduce the rash. I have used many creams, swallowed pills, had light therapy and am currently under treatment with a homeopath. Unfortunately all to no avail. I was advised to learn to cope with the eczema and pain.  My mother then saw an ad in the newspaper for Grahams. The same day I got the Eczema Cream. After one day of applying it, I already saw results. I'm now a week on and see so much improvement, I wouldn't have dared to dream. I am so happy with this product!!! I hope that the progress continues and soon I am no longer limited by the pain in my feet. This product is my saving grace, after a long time I now see the future positively! Thank you!!!"


"Pure, honest care products are very important to me. It has happened to me many times that I got extremely doge skin from petrochemical components in regular skincare products, even the more expensive varieties. Geoff Graham's products are of the highest quality and a relief for my very sensitive skin. Keep up the good work, Graham team, you have my blessing and a customer for life on me!"

Ingrid de Klerck, Weight Consultant in Voorburg (The Netherlands)

"For two years I have been walking in the winter with bandage gloves, incredibly broken, itchy hands. The moisture was running out and I couldn't do anything with my hands anymore. The dermatologist gave me Prednisone treatments, heavy ointments and light therapy. Nothing helped. Until I discovered Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream on the internet. And nice that the cream is now also for sale at many drugstores. Great stuff."

Anne van Eldik, Living in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

"What a great product!!! My 4 month old daughter has such dry and itchy skin that she scratched herself until it bled. Now my mother in law gave me Eczema Cream. Had already tried so much so thought "don't harm it". After 2 days of applying it the worst spots were already gone. Daughter happy and mama too of course. Today I will also get the bath oil. So I can really recommend it!"

Lizzie Welsing, living in Westervoort (The Netherlands)

"I came into contact with your Grahams products when I was on vacation in Haaksbergen and had a lot of trouble with my skin, and it helped."

J. Gense, living in Maastricht (The Netherlands)

"The doctor's hormone ointment didn't actually help my little son of (now) 9 months. He scratched himself until he bled and had terrible red, thick spots on his forehead. After a tip from the nursery I bought the eczema cream and after 3 days it looked completely different. The skin is supple, soft and is much less red. I got all comments that my little son looked so good. Most importantly, he has less itching. I think Grahams is absolutely fantastic and I will also recommend it to anyone with eczema."

Margot Fleuren, living in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

"My 2.5 year old son has been suffering from eczema-like, itchy rashes on and off for ages. No ointment or cream seemed to help enough....until Grahams. We received samples of the Sooth-it and the Eczema Cream and within 1 or 2 days the rash was much calmer and the itching much less. So we immediately decided to buy the larger tubes. The creams are very easy to apply and sink in immediately. Very pleasant for small children! In short: we are more than satisfied!"

Alexandra, living in Hilvarenbeek (The Netherlands)

"For 50 years I have been struggling with eczema. After all kinds of hormone ointments, light therapy, cures, I dare to say YES to your product Eczema Cream. Finally an effective remedy for the itching, dry skin and rash."

Juul, living in Horst (The Netherlands)

"What a super cream! I have contact eczema on my hands due to certain shampoos, detergents etc. This gave me itching, dry flakes, but also moisture blisters. Since I started using this cream, my hands are doing much better and they have never looked better. The cream also did not irritate at all, feels nice and absorbs quickly. Top!!!!"


"We read an article in the Groninger Weekblad about Grahams products that he had made this for his son from resources from nature and that it would help tremendously. We have been using the cream for weeks now and the results are amazing. My husband had eczema on his face, lots of flakes also on the scalp and a very red irritated skin. Since we have been using Grahams products it has been going really well. Great calm and smooth skin, super product."

Fokko Dagelet, living in Groningen (The Netherlands)

"After years of fighting eczema with all kinds of ointments, hormone ointments, light therapy, etc. on the advice of Grahams, I've been using Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream in combination with the Sooth-It Balm for 3 months now. The skin has become a lot calmer. I suffer much less from irritated and itchy skin. Also, the skin feels much softer. Can definitely recommend it to everyone."

Jennie v.d. Geest-Buitenwerf, living in Bedum (The Netherlands)

"For years I've suffered from complaints on arms and legs. After a last consultation with the dermatologist, I was given a medicine that is also used for cancer patients. I didn't like it very much, also because of the side effects and because I have a number of chronic diseases. An acquaintance advised me to use Grahams, and after three weeks the result was clear. On my arms it's gone, only my legs are still visible, but that's getting less every day. I'm super happy with it and hope to finally be able to wear shorts this summer. TOP! HAPPY! WONDERFUL!"


"I have tried many things to get my eczema under control. Done many ointments, remedies and doctor's visits. Through a newspaper article I came across the Grahams products. I have now applied two tubes and it seems to work. My eczema is calmer and even when I'm stressed, I can control it better! I am happy with this remedy and recommend it to others as well!"

Esther van Geerestein, living in Kootwijkerbroek (The Netherlands) (about the Eczema Cream)

"After suffering from eczema for a long time I wanted to go swimming again. By using Grahams ointment for eczema, I have recovered. Very happy and grateful for this!"

Odette Maas-Steijger, living in Helmond (The Netherlands)

"For a few months I had small bumps around my nose, on the chin and in the skin folds of the cheeks. It itched terribly and looked red. I also noticed that it continued on the cheeks. I went for advice to the Vitaminestore where I was given some samples of Grahams Eczema Cream. Now, a few weeks later, the itching has gone and the skin has improved a lot. Great result for which I thank you!"

Rianne Vermeilen, living in Uitgeest (The Netherlands)